Thursday: International Fashion

“I hope she’ll be a fool–that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” Spoken by the infamous Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby

These words resonate with history and tragedy. And while I may not agree with them, they sure are dramatic … much like the trend sweeping over Spring 2013. You the know the one I’m talking about–the 1920s flapper look is back in action.

The 20’s was perhaps one of the most defining decades of the 20th century and the style of that time is still alive today.

So yes, Daisy, I am a fool for elegant dresses and intricate head bands from an era waaaay before my time. 

Blame it on the star studded and much raved about film adaptation of Gatsby starring the everlastingly dapper Leo DiCaprio or blame it on the fact that we’re all nostalgic saps, but either way the 20’s flapper trend is finding its way into many closets and into the limelight. 

There is essentially a magic in these items, a sort of timeless quality where they’re both fun but elegant. It makes you feel like a real girl when you wear a flapper dress — one that is classy but likes to have a good time.

The look is not too complicated either; it’s definitely no Victorian corset, and that’s probably another reason we’re digging it. It works with our fast paced up and go lifestyle.

Dropped waistline silhouettes, and glitzy embellishments, plunge necklines, fringe are the defining qualities of 20’s fashion, but now metallic as well as deco patterns are giving the look new life. 

What girl doesn’t enjoy twirling and swinging? With their frills and mesh, the flapper dresses work best. The 20’s may be long gone, but the style is here to stay. 

Until next week, 


Fergie, wife of our Spring 2013 cover boy, Josh Duhamel, looking stunning in a silver flapper dress:



A slew of stunning stars rocking the gold metallic 20’s look:Image


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