NYC Happenings

It’s nearly summer and the weather is finally cooperating with us – mostly sunny, not too hot too soon, brisk but not cold. Full of allergens. Weather that I can still stand to be outside in before the hideous heat and humidity of summer come in to try and destroy me.  It’s a perfect time to be out, about and doing interesting things.

Like eating.


Mad. Sq. Eats – Madison Square Park

One of the highlights of the year, 30 vendors from around the city come out and set up stalls of deliciousness. Complete with tables and seats for those who can grab them, and standing room tables for those with an eye to eat and run, the square is the perfect place to chat with friends while enjoying some of the best food the city has to offer – without the wait at the restaurants themselves. Each has their own price range, and while most of the stalls take cards it’s a good idea to bring cash. Go forth and enjoy an outdoor gourmet picnic!



Charles James: Beyond Fashion – Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met, that wonderful bastion of art, objects, and fashion, reopened their long neglected costume institute on May 8th, after a long needed renovation. To inaugurate it they bring us “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” – an exhibition that examines the life and fashion of 20th century couturier Charles James. After designing for London and Paris audiences, he came to New York in 1940, and this exhibit highlights his style and the architecture of his glamorous ball gowns that we can only now dream about. The Met still can’t charge a fee to enter, so go while you can still get in for free (though a small donation should be considered).


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