Friday Music

“Vanilla Vixens”


Going along with the ‘urban appropriation’ theme that is so ever-present in pop culture today, and something discussed in several of our past music blogs, let’s now pinpoint the ‘vanilla vixen’ phenomena of the movement.


These are Caucasian, female rappers that fit into a simple mold–while fighting not to: they have tattoos, they’re out of LA, they act “slow” (i.e. on substances that slow you down), and they seem to have no genuine basis for acting “hard” (i.e. not from rough neighborhoods and haven’t dealt with any sort of hard-knock upbringing). 


So, what is their appeal? Is it more people laughing at them, or people really digging white girls acting like gangsters (who think they’re gangster)? And how is it that they’ve become such a cookie-cutter novelty while striving to be so ‘different?’ Although I wish this were a comprehensive essay on the issue, I have a word limit. So this is for you to think about, and check out the list below for your personal research:


Brooke Candy

Lil Debbie




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