NYC Happenings

Ever so slowly the weather gets a move on – but slowly is not nearly close to consistently. It’s in the 50s, it’s in the 40s, NO WAIT IT’S GONNA SNOW FLURRY, oh, oops just raining but still stupidly cold. Can we just have a little bit of spring? It’s warmer in SWEDEN than it is in NYC!


And speaking of Sweden, that’s where I’m off to. Sweden, Denmark, and Germany actually. It’s gonna be a lot of trains for me, and I will love every train-filled minute. I’ve even got a night on a sleeper train 😀 And until I get back, here are some things that you can do:


Nerdlesque Festival, Webster Hall (The Marlin Room)

Not gonna like, I’m shamelessly plugging my friends on this one, because my friends are awesome. And so is the burlesque show they’re going to put on for you. Start on the 3rd with classes in burlesque offered by the School of Burlesque. Then head down to Webster Hall on Friday the 4th (can you believe it’s April tomorrow?) and treat yourself to the premiere show of all your favorite geek pleasures stripping to awesome music. Hosted by the most charming Bastard Keith you’ll ever meet, and featuring a bunch of people I know and love personally. Drink, laugh, and watch a fabulously nerdy show. (Or, if you can’t catch the opening show, follow them to Le Poisson Rouge for the finale.)


NYC Pillow Fight, Washington Square Park – 3:00pm

You know how pillow fights used to be those things that girls did at each others houses, usually after several hours of manicure, movies and too much soda? Well this Saturday you can join the entirety of New York as they pack into Washington Square Park with pillows to play Superheroes and Villains (just leave the feather pillows at home, it’s going to be messy enough as it is). And you can do it in daylight, so everybody can get a good look at your best footie pjs.


MoCCA Arts Festival, 69th Regiment Armory (Lexington Ave & 25th)

A gathering of artists, major and minor, published and self-published, will display their wares for you this weekend from 11:00am to 6:00pm both days. For a $5 fee you can peruse isles of talented illustrators, comic artists, and creators of other fine things. Once you’ve bought prints of your favorite character or basked in the talent of some original line work; take a spin through their carefully selected program of artists’ talks, readings, and various other lectures – some on comics in society and how society uses them and others on designs among many. This year  Enjoy!



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