NYC Happenings

So it’s sort of spring? Maybe? Sort of kind of possibly? It’s not… freezing. Ish. Sometimes.

At least it’s sunnier than it has been?

But weather problems aside, we can rejoice in the official start of spring and know that winter is at least about to start packing. And before you know it we’ll be sweating and swearing at the humidity and wishing it was snowing. So between then and now we’ll just have to do some cultural things to keep ourselves sane, yes?


Grand Central Station (I have told you how nuts I am about trains, right?)

Our Grand Central Station has been in existence since 1913, when it was built over above-ground rail road tracks that had outlived their usefulness. We nearly lost it in 1970s, along with the original Penn Station (NEVER FORGET!), to “modernity”, but after citizens saw the hideous thing that replaced Penn Station, we were spared that fate. And occasionally Grand Central graces us with cool things that aren’t the station itself. This time it’s an modest exhibition of Grand Central Centennial Quilts – a project started by Manhattan’s own City Quilter last year has culminated in a celebration of 100 years of Grand Central Station. Go for free to the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex from 8-8 on weekdays and 10-6 on weekends. It’s a good way to hang out for an hour.



Obscura Society NYC

You know what we all need in these days of constant contact and everybody knowing what everyone else is doing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? A moment of Not That. Obscura Society is good at presenting things that are Not That. This time they’re offering a day of lock picking. Yes, it’s a Lock Picking Party, to be held in the General Society of Mechanics and Engineers, where they house locks. Lots and lots of locks. Lock of all shapes and sizes, lots of antique bank-vault locks. Show up in vintage wear to add to the atmosphere, partake of an open cocktail bar, listen to the wonderful music of the Jazz Age; leave with your own lock picking kit. It’s a $75 cover, yes, but I repeat, OPEN COCKTAIL BAR. And really, where else are you gonna find time for a party like this? Only this Friday, March 28th!



Read a Damn Book: Unlikely Loves: 43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Kingdom, by Jennifer Holland

Okay, so, admittedly this is not a book of High Reading a la Homer. But not everything has to be High Reading, otherwise High Reading would be the world’s worst chore and we’d be all the stiffer for it. Not a good way to be. Unlikely Loves is the kind of book that makes reading worth it – 43 of the most adorable stories about two animals, who normally should have nothing to do with each other, being cuddly and awesome. Some people wrinkle their noses at the idea of animals feeling ‘Human Only’ emotions like friendship and love, but to hell with them! Dogs and cats, a real life Fox and Hound story, elephant and orphaned sea lions cuddling up together in loving fashion and friendship is the best thing ever, and these stories will warm your heart in a way that little else could. Pick this book up and keep it by your desk at work – you’ll be doing yourself the biggest favor ever.



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