Friday Night Music

The weather in New York, and well, everywhere, has been such unpredictable shit lately.

It goes from freezing cold, throws out a couple of beautiful, sunny and warmer-than-usual days, and we go back to cold again. This can really put a person’s internal opinion of their well being out of whack (I assume since it has done this to mine). So, to try and beat the teaser weather blues, I have compiled a list of a few artists that will keep you in a general cheery mood while listening, but not overdoing it to where you’re really jumping the gun on the good weather tip.


1. Cate Le Bon
Native born Wales musician Cate Le Bon has a sound that’s very soft and calming while being catchy and rhythmic. Her album “Mug Museum” is something to listen to straight through and feel like things are going to be alright.


2. Craft Spells
Their album, “Idle Labor,” definitely has a sound that’s fitting for cold & warm weather, so it’s pretty perfect. Very laid back, dancy-type stuff. It, in a way, simultaneously emphasizes the somberness of cold weather and gives you a cozy feeling inside.


3. Norse Horse
This band has some gritty, melodic, and ‘indie’ sound to them; and all on one album, “Grids.” It’s a short and sweet thing that doesn’t incite too much happiness (again, easing into the warm weather), but just seems fitting for the overcast day.


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