Midweek Musings – Healthy Competition

Healthy Competition


So there’s these two couples. One has been dating for less than a month; the other has been dating for about 5 months. Based on their statistics, which has the better chance of survival?


Couple #1 will be called Puppy Love while Couple #2 will be called City Kids.


Couple #1


George and Evelyn met only a few short weeks ago in a class they are both taking, in a microbiology program in which they are both graduate students. So they start out well enough on paper: same ambition, same age, same general vicinity for easy access and booty calls. But before this class, neither member of couple Puppy Love was aware of the other’s existence.


Couple #2


Sasha and James are co-workers at a busy Fusion restaurant. She’s a hostess, he’s a bartender. They noticed each other at first, but aside from small talk and lots of unintentional eye fucking, didn’t really pursue one another—that is until Halloween when James finally worked up the courage to ask Sasha out. Already they share a major aspect of their lives: their job. And since their first date, the two have been exclusively seeing other at least once/week for the past 5 months. 


Now here’s where it gets interesting.


One week into Puppy Love’s courtship, Evelyn sleeps with George; and then proceeds to freak out on him via text messages accusing him of being too clingy and insisting that they need to take a break. Two days later, their break is over and they’re found canoodling at a mutual friends’ house. 


City Kids wait a whole 3 weeks to sleep together. And their intimacy seems to be growing, not skyrocketing, just steadily increasing through dinner dates,  candle lit baths, and a plethora of sex. But something’s missing, although Sasha can’t quite put her finger on it.


Within three weeks of dating Evelyn manages to trick George into not only meeting her parents, but meeting her ENTIRE family at an outing that was originally supposed to be a quiet dinner date between just the two of them. George handles it swimmingly, because he provides the calm balance to Evelyn’s neuroses. 


Sasha’s parents have come to New York to visit her twice while she and James have been dating. And at first, she didn’t want them to meet him, not because she’s ashamed of him but because she wanted to figure out what was going on—that is until he vehemently refused to meet them, claiming that it was his “thing” and that he’s not “parent material.” This raised some red flags, some seriously flying fucking high ones.

Sasha started to evaluate her relationship. James and Sasha rarely hang out with either of their friend groups. They aren’t as affectionate anymore, even their sex has started to become routine. And to top it all off, James didn’t want to show his face to her parents. 


So let’s re-group:


Puppy Love is in a relationship that escalated from polite acquaintances to full blown fling in a matter of days, complete with PDA, nicknames, and Meet the Parents. Evelyn keeps changing her mind, and George doesn’t seem to have an opinion, simply going with the flow. Is their forest fire spreading too rapidly to be properly contained?


On the other hand, City Kids don’t seem to be walking to the same beat anymore. Sasha seems to want more out of the relationship that James appears to be ignorant of even being in. But when two people who are quite intimate with each other, spend a significant amount of time together, and aren’t pursuing anyone else, doesn’t that add up to a relationship? Could their mismatched socks find themselves on the wrong feet running in opposite directions?


Which has the better chance of survival: Puppy Love or City Kids?



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