NYC Happenings

Aaaaaaaaaand we’re back!

If you were in the city at any point the last week you probably saw a bunch of white men gathering with signs bearing asinine slogans. I hope you either ignored or threw tomatoes at them. Today if you are somewhere along 5th avenue you will probably see a bunch of other white men gathering, this time in green and probably drunk. I hope you will continue to throw tomatoes at them and tell them to get off my lawn. When you’re done with that, go ahead and do some cultural things. Like these:

Bill Cunningham: Facades

If you’ve ever picked up the New York Times on a Sunday, you’ll have seen Bill Cunningham’s photography – the highlights of fashion, faces, and elegance from the week before. This column is not new, and Cunningham’s photography has been his passion for decades: way back in 1968 he set out to create his first photographic essay. The New York Historical Society is celebrating that essay of fashion as cultural history with 88 of the original prints with displays of original attire pulled from vintage stores and modeled after the iconic locations where the photographs were taken. The exhibit runs through June, but why wait? Go see it now and get some inspiration for those great summer parties that are just around the corner!


Macy’s Flower Show

Running for several years now, the Macy’s flower show returns this Sunday. Last year featured the exotic colors of Indian spice markets; the year before the lush foliage of Brazil’s rain forests and roof top gardens. This year they’ve based their exhibit on the Secret Garden, complete with a couture gown made entirely of red. The line always looks longer than it is – I’ve never stood in it longer than 15 minutes before getting into the show house. Even better; it’s free for the going.


Forget a book, go to the museum: The Cloisters

I love the Cloisters; I love it so much. Above the noise of downtown, in the midst of Fort Tryon park, it’s a perfect place to walk around. Everything is coming into bloom around the park and in the outdoor areas of the museum; and currently they are running a special exhibit of original stained glass windows from Canterbury Cathedral in England. You’ll be amazed by the size and detail of them, and it’s well worth leaving the museum a dollar or two when you enter.



Enjoy your culture!


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