Friday Night Music

I am almost hesitant to focus on this artist due to what a lot of people may feel is played out or the negative denotation it may have, but I’ll be damned if Bob Marley isn’t such an amazing figure in music history. I’m just getting back into it since the gross over-play of the greatest hits in high school, and [very delayed] realization that there’s so much more than just the hits and that it’s just entrancing music.


In particular, I’m talking about the album “Bob Marley & Lee “Scratch” Perry.”


This work, I think, truly conveys the chill-out vibe of reggae music and carries so many of its peace-&-love messages. With its simple horns and drums, it, in some way to me, almost has a resemblance to quality food not needing a lot of fringe. Although the album in its entirety is great to just put on and play from beginning to end, if you ever need to knock the edge off, skip to ‘Soul Rebel’ or ‘Sun is Shining’ and it works wonders.


Although this album is just a vignette of Bob Marley in his great wonder and contributions to society still to this day on different levels (from messages of world peace to Snoop Lion being a thing), I highly suggest giving it a listen, even if you’re still feeling burnt out on the whole Bob Marley “Is This Love” tip.


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