Midweek Musing

Fizzling Out.


Call it what you wish: fizzling out, fading away, dwindling, what have you. But you know that the light is going out of your eyes once you start contemplating how to break things off with them.


At first it’s a passing notion, a thought left hanging in the back corner closet of your mind, like that dress that you splurged on at TopShop but can’t seem to find the right venue in which to wear it. 


But then you launch a mental search party, searching for the right time, the right place, and the right atmosphere for you to strike. 


You create the perfect situations in your head for the unpleasant conversation to take place. 


  • Over dinner. 

Pro: No possible way to make a scene. 

Con: Who pays the bill, the dumper or the dumpee?


  • Right After Sex

Pro: You got the “last time” out of the way

Con: You sort of lose your credibility to break up with someone who’s just given you an orgasm.


  • At his apartment

Pro: You can grab all your stuff.

Con: He might kick you out before you can get it.


Even if you don’t find the ideal scenario, you’ve already begun rehearsing the dialogue in your head. You play yourself, but you play his role too. Rehearsals going well. You’ve run lines over and over again, in the shower, making breakfast, even painting your nails. You think you’ve got it down.


Unfortunately, you know what he’s saying is exactly what you want to hear. And there’s no way of knowing how he’s going to react when the dreaded time comes. 



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