Monday: NYC Happenings

This weekend brought that bit of hope that I’m fairly certain everybody and their goat is waiting for; two days of weather that might have been spring. Sun. Warmth on the skin. No snow. So of course now the prediction is snow for Wednesday and a week of weather right back in the 30s. Can we have no relief? Well, at least the disgusting soot-covered ice had enough time to disappear and we can all pretend we’re leaving winter behind us.

And there are many things to see while we pretend.

Art Spiegelman’s Co-Mix: A Retrospective, The Jewish Museum (1109 Fifth Ave).

Comic artists are rarely given the credit they deserve for their part in literary tradition; after all, they’re nothing but out-of-proportion superheroes and objectified women making ‘POW’ sound effects amirite? No. That view is shortsighted and wrong. I remember being either in my last year of Junior High, or my freshman year of High School and being assigned Maus; a comic book that depicted Spiegelman’s own parents’ history from World War II to 1970s Queens. I’d seen many movies of the Holocaust by then, and read other books, but none sucked me into the narrative nor made me weep until that comic. Art Spiegelman is finally getting the attention he deserves in this exhibition, tracing his career from High School to now, showing his progression from student cartoonist and doodler to accomplished storyteller. The prices vary by age, but all are under $20.


Annual Hot Chocolate Festival, The City Bakery (3 W 18th St).

If you’ve spent any time in New York City this winter, and haven’t managed to make your way to The City Bakery, you’ve missed out on some of the best damn hot chocolate we have to offer (not to mention the marshmallows). But the Hot Chocolate Festival takes this delicious drink above and beyond its’ usual good taste. The month of February finds a different flavor just about every day (there are a few flavors that repeat throughout) and it only runs until the end of the month. Hot chocolate isn’t just for kids, no matter what the snobbish foody-type adults say, and with prices ranging between $3-$6… Why would you ever say no?


Read a Damn Book: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Book) Teacher’s Edition: A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction

With a foreword by Thomas Jefferson! This is the single best text book you will ever display on your bookshelf (tell me you don’t have your college anthropology text book that they wouldn’t buy back from you at the bookstore. Go on, tell me). Everything about this book, from the study guide to the credits and the open letter to Sean Penn at the very end is a point of hilarity. The team of writers and editors absolutely knew what they were doing when they set out on this project; you will not stop laughing (okay, maybe you will when you pause for that tissue to wipe the tears from your eyes). You will also probably learn the most you ever will about America, American history, and our government. That’s how The Daily Show rolls. (And go pick up the Teacher’s Edition from the library, because the notes in that one are hysterical.)





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