Friday Night Music

90’s Hip Hop

The 90’s were so great.

Bill Clinton, “Clueless,” Mazzy Star & Guess Jeans. All things ‘90’s’ are now getting past the tacky stage and becoming retro and really cool again… naturally, as all styles seem to come back for one more round. One thing that never really went out of style was the hip hop music from then. And I don’t mean Nelly or Master P — we have rappers that replace their style today that make them seem like a used version of a Honda Civic. But there were hip hop artists that can never really be replicated, and because they were so original for their time, can never really be out-done, either.

1.     A Tribe Called Quest

Absolute classic example of fine 90’s hip hop music. Very creative splicing of songs, lyrics about real culture issues, and a type of sound that makes it appropriate to play in several types of settings.

2.     De La Soul

Definitely in the same creative, culture issues-vain as Tribe, and very well done. Neither one having many cuss words to get their point across and amazing, complex beats that just makes the whole production really well done.

3.     Mos Def

The album “Black on Both Sides” was released in 1999, making it just slightly on the cusp of 90’s hip hop, but another musician that really contributes to defining the greatness of it. Mos was also a part of the rap group Black Star and acts in cool movies like “Be Kind Rewind.” A well-rounded artist that you should totally get into.

These are just a few, others like Biggie Smalls and Jay-Z also exist that represent a different side of the good 90’s rap cannon.



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