Midweek Musing

Infatuation Road Kill

Love is blind,

Love conquers all,

But if love always triumphs, why does it so often fall?

When you’re in love, you miraculously forget the universe around you. Everything fades away, and nothing else seems to exist but you and him. Hours together seem like mere moments; and days apart can seem like an endless journey of obstacles with the sole purpose of finding your way back into their arms.

But what happens when you fall out of love?

There’s a moment of sudden clarity. There were blurs of patterns before, a level of infatuation only reached by the true romantics. But then someone turned on the switch. (Hint, it was your brain.)

You were staring out into a field of lily pads and cherry blossoms. But someone removed the veil, and now you see it for what it really is: a dingy flat with carpet stains and a broken toilet. He is not your Prince Charming. He’s not even the Duke of Wellington or Lord of Yorkshire. He’s just some random guy you met in a pub and used for sex, free meals, and a queen size bed to pass the time.

The test of a good relationship is not discovering all the qualities you like about someone; it’s realizing the amount of little quirks that you’re willing put up with for the sake of being with them.

Only now, they’re not little quirks. They’re red flags. Big Red Flags. And they won’t stop waving at you.

                  Quirk                                                                                      Red Flag                         

Playfully teasing you                                        Constantly Insulting you

Has drinks with friends on his days off    Heavily drinking is his only consistent hobby

Has a laid back style                                          Stuck in the 90s

Doesn’t want to label things                          Intimacy Issues

Only buys what he needs                                Never has any food or toiletries EVER

Doesn’t have Internet                                      Doesn’t have internet



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