NYC Happenings

Will this weather ever make up its mind? Snowing, bitter cold, juuuuuuuust enough of a hint of warmth to snake the snow turn to slush, repeat. Bah. Spring can’t come fast enough – and I hate spring. (Nothing but allergies and rain, spring. /old woman grumble) (Actually no, the old woman is strong in me, the grumbling continues.) Still, while we battle with this cold, have some culture to take your mind off things.


Want to go dancing? Try: A Midwinter’s Slumber Dance Party

It’s freezing, so naturally you should go to the beach. Take some time this Friday and get on a train. Head out to the Playland Motel (a place of great outdoor space and crazy rooms – go to if you don’t believe me) on Rockaway Beach, and bring your dancing shoes; no need for swimsuits, unless that’s a thing you want. If you don’t like the train, you can take advantage of the Playland’s travel options. If you think you’ll be there late, there are rooms to stay in, complete with discounts available from Time Out New York. Guest deejays are promised to take the dancing to actual dance party levels, and you’ll get to tell your friends you went to the beach in winter.

(No image. It’s a beach party in winter; think a beach party with more clothes.)


New Year’s Eve wasn’t enough for you? Try: The Lunar New Year.

Happy Year of the horse! This Sunday, Feb. 2nd is the 15th Annual Chinatown Parade & Festival celebrating the lunar New Year. I haven’t been to one in ages. If I recall, though, there are fireworks (those might have been kiboshed in the years since I last attended), lion-and-dragon dances, martial arts demonstrations, and food. Oh my lord the food. So so much food. It’s a young person’s dream, that much food in one place. (And cheap, too!)



As always, you don’t have to leave the house.

Read a Damn Book: Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, by Brian Jaques.

Brian Jaques, full disclosure, was my FAVORITE author as a kid. I read AAAAAAAAAAALL the books of his Redwall series as they came out, until about the age of 10. And even then I picked up a new one occasionally, such as this one. Castaways of the Flying Dutchman melds the tale of the Flying Dutchman with a cursed crew, and a young boy and his dog; stowaways on the wrong ship at the wrong time. They are allowed to leave the ship, but not free from the immortality the cursed crew of the Dutchman must suffer from. The story takes off from there, as dark as any of the Redwall books – but with fewer animals.



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