Thoughts for Monday

The 10 point scale

Levels. Great running song by Avicii. Video games are geared for you to reach and surpass them. Elevators can take you to them. But relationships, it can be difficult for two people on the same level to find each other. That’s why you see so many mismatches walking around.

You judge people by their appearance, not by their personality. Every other country in the world has adopted the metric system. But the only 10 point scale America seems to have is the level of attraction. But even if you see past the points, the person you’re dating (or even just sleeping with) needs to be on your level. 

For me, it’s ambition. 

New York City breeds two things: trendsetters and hard workers. Everyone’s trying “make it.” So when you meet someone that’s relatively hot, let’s say a 7.5, everything about them can either move them up a level or seriously decrease them.

Has their own apartment—in Williamsburg. Add a point.

Doesn’t have internet—which means no Netflix. Deduct 2 points.

Can cook a damn delicious meal. Scallops & Risotto. Major points. (They say the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. But a chef-inspired dinner is definitely unlocks the door to a woman’s bedroom.)

Still sags his pants. Deduct points. A lot of points.

How many is that? Oh man, I’ve lost count. 



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