Saturday Night Music

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Hello! And welcome to Moves’ inaugural music blog. It’s exciting to get this thing popping off but being that it’s this particular time of year (the beginning, I guess), I struggled with the thought of, ‘should I do a Best of 2013 sort of deal?’ And the answer is that no, no I am not going down that road. Although there were definitely some good releases this past year, if you’re not near burnt out “Blurred Lines,” “Wrecking Ball,” or “Get Lucky,” you are a mild freak of nature and not the focus of this blog.

Instead, I have decided to go down the path of presenting artists whose music is more fitting for the season—the bitter, cold, gloomy winter. Sometimes, I think, music can help you cope with the winter blues, let you have some fun with it, or get you to downright embrace it in its dim, depressing glory.

Broadcast/Haha Sound

This entire album is a great homage to the beginning of winter. It’s melancholy chords, gentle tambourine, hazy electric organ, and soft singing just put you right in the ‘cold mood,’ if you will. Perfect for putting on and watching it snow outside (or definitely something that involves just staring into space…). The song “Before We Begin” is especially one to put things into perspective for the New Year.

Mac Demarco/2

This artist/album is pretty pensive like Broadcast’s, but has a little more twang to its sound. This, in a strange way, simultaneously makes you feel warm and summery, but appropriately even, being that you are actually freezing and trudging through the snow. Spotlight songs: “Ode to Viceroy,” “Freaking out the Neighborhood,” and “My Kind of Woman.”

Curren$y/The Stoned Immaculate

Curren$y is currently a very underrated hip-hop artist. He has collaborations with staple figures like 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, and Pharrell on this album, yet is still for the most part unknown—which is kind of great like a little, amazing secret. His music is consistent in being smooth with a great flow—why it is on my winter list. Definitely music you can chill out to and may find your head swaying to from time to time. Spotlights/start with these: “Capitol,” “Chasin’ Papers,” and then “Airborne Aquariaum” from Pilot Talk II is great, as well.


This one is if you’re into jazzier, low music and are sick of Kings of Convenience or Whitest Boy Alive. Most of the songs you can zone out to and some you can even dance to. A friend of mine that’s really ‘up on’ electronic music called this type of music, “minimal disco.” Not sure if that’s how I’d describe it, but I can see where he’s coming from. “Kaputt” (dance-y), “Chinatown” (space-y), “Suicide Demo for Kara Walker” (jazzy).

So there’s a winter compilation start-kit for you! Hope you enjoy!


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