Greetings & Happy New Year!


I hope the start of the new year has been full of culture for you. For me it included my birthday, which was mostly spent waiting for a stove. And getting some things framed. Then renewing my passport. Because I’m exciting like that.

But you want more.

 Why not try the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute: Alta Moda by Mario Testino.

 Mario Testino is a fashion photographer. For this exhibition, inspired by another Peruvian photographer, he explores his roots to offer us a beautiful range of costumes, hand-woven, from the mountains. You won’t want to miss it.




Perhaps you’d like something a little less high-minded? There’s always Bloomingdales’s Fashion Touchdown.


Because it’s almost time for the Super Bowl (thank God! Best thing about the winter is when football ends – BRING ON THE BASEBALL), Bloomingdales has collaborated with a host of designers to create 48 ridiculous(ly awesome, even I have to admit) football helmets. For the next 20 days you can also bid on the helmet of your choice.




Read a Damn Book: His Dark Materials (aka The Golden Compass books), by Phillip Pullman


Because everybody needs a daemon in their life. This series is a fabulous fantasy, with talking creatures, shape-shifting creatures, future-telling devices, danger, and magic. You may have seen the movie, which is a good glimpse into the set up of the world. Unfortunately they neglected to turn the other two thirds into movies to complete the story – which is far more complicated than a couple lines can give you. So just read them.




And if you do bid on and win a helmet, be sure to show me which one!


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