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I’m pretty sure that’s all there is to hear on Capitol Hill these days.

Because, clearly, when people across the nation elected their Congressional representatives – even those with such radically gerrymandered districts that they may as well have been fashioned after Rorschach blobs, arriving for civic duty weighed down with as much neuroticism and egocentric confusion as Rorschach’s actual patients – they were elected with the patent expectation to do nothing.


To stand proudly as the representative hegemony of a nation built on dual-party give-and-take and to blatantly, boldly, irresponsibly give nothing.

And then take home a paycheck.

The bald eagle has done more for this country than our current elected officials.  For that matter, so has the North American turkey.  Because these fowls that represent pride and provide nourishment have been more useful to the National well-being than a bunch of bird-brained fools engaged in a self-righteous and symbolic standoff.

You’re not fooling anybody.  No matter which side caves first, you’re all still useless.  What have you managed to do this term?  Negate your own ideas, escort America further into legal debt, and name a library or two?  And now both sides are watching us as we slide past yet another point-of-no-return, unwilling to make compromises on a healthcare bill (that is structured more like a bandaid than a restorative therapy regiment) that PASSED. (Did you miss the part where Obamacare passed?  That happened, right?  I’m pretty sure you were there.  We’ve already had this discussion.  Your arguments are now moot.)

Congress, you’re embarrassing us.  While other countries are battling with civil wars that make 1861-1865 seem like a respectable affair, here we are abusing the rights that were won for us by Americans who learned to obey orders, follow the leader, compromise, and bend over backwards to find a resolution that made nobody happy but let everybody move forward.  That’s the way it’s supposed to go.

So.  Stop preaching about how you support America’s Armed Services until you serve with the honor and integrity that they do.  Stop paying lip-service to how great our National Parks are until you figure out a way to open them, not as a concession or an “at-least-we-figured-this-one-out” token success.  Stop pointing accusatory fingers across an aisle that, by the very definition of the democracy you purport to believe in, must exist.  Stop saying, “it’s not my fault we’re here,” because it is your fault.  You’re serving on the 112th Congress.  Stop working for the money and the power, and start working for the country.

And, until you start working effectively, it would be really peachy if you would please stop taking my tax dollars.  Because I’m tired of paying for someone who doesn’t do their job.  I’m tired of watching an entire country’s worth of constituents stare, open-mawed, at your inefficacy.  I’m tired of your ignorance and weak arguments.  We elected you to represent us, and we also elected you to be smarter than us and fix problems by working together.  And no one, at any point in time, ever promised you it would be easy.  So get it together, Congress.  Please. 

Despite the fact that, come re-election time, when it’s time for the masses to stand up and say, “Enough!  We want a Congress that works for us and works together!” what we may hear will be just more of the same.  Crickets.


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