This week: NYC Happenings

And so we begin another week of… all the same as the previous week. No super storms to worry about (yet), no particularly good weather (but better than Friday – seriously what was that weather?), and still no government (not likely to change in the foreseeable future, possibly should start raiding 7/11s). Even so, time marches on and and culture… is largely still ignored.

On Broadway: Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett

No, it’s not actually open yet; it opens for previews October 26th and opens completely in November. But I want you to get yourselves ready for it because Sir Ian McKellen AND Sir Patrick Stewart will be playing on a stage in front of  and afhajadjlkfajafjklbaladsfl;ab;a I can hardly wait until it comes to Broadway; I will be the first person in line for tickets.


Read a Damn Book: Joys of Yiddish, by Leo Rosten.

This is  an old favorite of mine, and necessary reading for any person coming to New York. Not a dictionary, not a thesaurus, not a textbook of language, but a lexicon of common phrases and words that you all know without realizing that you know them. Also including hilarious examples of situations to use that Yiddish in, this book is wonderful, easy reading. It will even help you come up with your own yiddish swearing in proper sentence construction — you know you want to read it.

Take a Trip: Paris

This is where I will be for four days over the weekend, cramming myself into as many tourist sites, parks, shops, cafes, and restaurants as I possibly can, because Paris. I shall probably not have a blog for you next week, because Paris (but the week after will have a blog post full of Paris, so I figure it equals out somewhere).

Until next week,


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