NYC Happenings

One day to October! I trust you all have your ironic-literary-reference costumes chosen and are hard at work sewing and making accessories by hand, kept motivated by a steady stream of “pumpkin-flavored” something (I go for tea and scented candles, myself). And when your fingers are bleeding and you’re pretty sure you can’t stand up straight, you’ll want a break. So why not try…

On Broadway: Harold Pinter’s Betrayal

Starring Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig.

… Oh, sorry, you wanted more of a reason to go? Well it’s directed by Mike Nichols (a Tony winning director) and co-starring Rafe Spall – it is a story about adultery, after all. Who doesn’t want to see big Hollywood stars stumbling around a Broadway stage? It’s also a limited run, so this play will only be on Broadway until January 5th. That may seem like a long time now, but just wait. It’ll be March before you can blink.

Not On Broadway: The Art of the Brick at Discovery Times Square.

Legos. It’s an exhibit of legos! Why are you still reading this? You could be at an exhibition of awesome statues and other artworks made entirely of Legos, courtesy of artist Nathan Sawaya.

Read a Damn Book: Cleopatra: A Life, by Stacy Schiff

Cleopatra is one awesome lady. Most people remember her as Elizabeth Taylor – and not even for the character Elizabeth Taylor played, but for a movie still or a publicity photo – or some kind of “depraved sex kitten” (which is such utter nonsense don’t even get me started). This book doesn’t pretend to tell us everything about Cleopatra. What it does do is tell the story of a woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it, and give context for the history that’s come down to us; a history told by the men who were nearly outwitted by her and won only by a stroke of luck. So check it out.

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