Friday: Entertainment News

Hello there, Movers!

Hope everyone’s had a good week. 

Not sure if you’ve seen yet, but our Fall Fashion issue is on stands. The lovely Naomie Harris graces our cover as does Patrick Dempsey on the reverse. Read to the end of this post and you’ll get a glimpse of our cover party with Dempsey, who to some is just a handsome Mc(let’s not say it), but who’s really an extremely smart and driven man. Pick up and issue and see for yourself 🙂


This week was HUGE in new Fall TV show premieres. The biggest of which, I think, was Michael J. Fox’s new sitcom, The Michael J. Fox Show. To say that it was about time MJ Fox made a television comeback is an understatement, so THANK YOU, LORD! He used to have such a cheeky way on screen, so innocent but still hilarious and relatable in whatever role he took on. In his newest sitcom role, he plays a father who left his job as a television reporter because he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s but he’s decided to put the setback aside, embrace it and go back to work, shakes and all.  Sound familiar? Fox was stellar essentially playing himself on the show. Yes, he’s fidgety, no, he’s not the Teen Wolf starry eyed teen we once saw him as, but he still brings the laughs without trying hard (and he still has those puppy dog eyes). Welcome back, Mr. Fox. Good to see you on the tube again.  


What new fall shows did you enjoy this week? What series are you most looking forward to?

In other news, in case you haven’t caught a glimpse of Fallon and Timberlake’s newest skit, you should take a look. In his newest segment, Timberlake Tuesdays, Jimmy Fallon records a comedy bit with Justin Timberlake and this week the bit was about having conversations as if you were speaking on Twitter. #hilarious #besties #lolololol #loveyouJT #loveyouJF #bemyfriends #questloveforpresident

Watch and you’ll understand 🙂

Raise your hand if you are excited for the Breaking Bad series finale Sunday night. Not going to lie, I don’t even watch the show and I’m excited for it because I can’t wait to see and hear reactions then go home and watch the entire show from start to finish only to realize I know exactly how it all ends. But I don’t care. Do you think it’s the best show on TV? Do you think you can break bad? Can someone perhaps explain what that even means so I don’t look like too much of an idiot?

Now as promised, take a look at our Patrick Dempsey cover party at The Refinery Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Mr. Dempsey stayed for a while and mingled with the crowd. Get him talking about race cars and you’ll be talking for days. His documentary on the Discovery Channel, 24 Hours to Le Mans, was a huge hit. The doc projected Dempsey in the light he wants to be seen (re: his cover story), not in the Greys Anatomy light that melts him to pieces as a heart throb surgeon every Thursday night. The man works hard, races hard and wants the best future for his kids. 





The man of the hour



Patrick and Moves’ Publisher Moonah! 

Enjoy your weekend, Movers!


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