Weekend: View From the Top

Apologies for the overdue newest installment of View From the Top. Check it out below, Movers, and stay tuned for some fresh blog posts this week!

I was back in the Big Apple – the gas station, that is. The closest to the city I would ever get was at our local convenient store that had an array of junk food and three different types of beef jerky.  It was a haven for townies and us, a place where kids snuck cartons of cigarettes underneath their polo shirts and tried to pass off their fake IDs for a can of FourLoko.

Avoiding the steam coming from the case of hot dogs for sale, I stood with my friend Talia, who was pumping as much Slurpee as she could from the machine that never stopped churning the sugary confectionary. While she wasn’t at home in her native Madrid, sipping on her family’s famous brand of rum, Talia liked to think that her Slurpee was much more than just cherry.

I grabbed my week’s supply of gum and a bag of pretzels for our night inside. It was Friday afternoon, but the snow drifting down onto the cold, hard ground had certainly diminshed all sense of fun. We chatted and laughed about each other’s month away in ‘reality’ while we payed for our things, passing a freshman boy who was eyeing a can of tobacco dip on the counter.

Outside, I braced myself for the early April cold, which chilled you to the bone. My boots sunk into the soft powder that began to collect on the streets.

While slurping on her drink, Talia began to speak fast in her Spanish accent. “Did you hear about the shit that went down last night? Those kids are fucked now. Haymish will kill them!”

“Yeah, I heard. But I guess I’m not surprised…” I trailed off, trying to change the subject.

Since Haymish had returned, things were interesting around the boys dorms. In his absence, some younger students who had a grudge against his personal tyranny within the ranks of Parker boys. They messed with his room, defiling his space while he was gone…unaware of when he was coming back.

Personally, I began to shut them out. I wanted it all to be over, but I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. Once you stir the pot up, it doesn’t settle immediately. I had spent the first week back at the Academy trying to squash the sense of restlessness within the Hayward Dormitory. The boys were pumped up and ready to fight again after their breaks – but squashing their spirit wasn’t easy either.

Walking back into the warm common room, Talia and I shed our heavy coats and grabbed a seat infront of the hearth and large television. There were other kids here, mostly couples – but one that caught my eye. Looking shiny and brand new, there was Ryan Koehler.

He had been away for almost a month while his shoulder healed from the prank that went wrong. Ryan sat behind Anderson Taylor, who was obviously waiting for Catherine Elizabeth to arrive. I couldn’t imagine why he would want to be the third wheel tonight.

But I watched as he caught Talia’s eye. And I guess I should’ve saw it coming.

Despite the frigid air outside, things were certainly heating up at the Academy.

Always Watching,

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