Monday: NYC Happenings

We’ve done it again; made it all the way through another week, just to start over again. Anybody else get the feeling that this is a vicious cycle of addiction and self-destruction? Maybe that’s just the lack of morning wine talking.

 Not really, my morning talking is exclusively this:

But I digress. You want culture.

In the Cinemas: We’re The Millers

What? Moves ran actress Emma Roberts on its cover and now she’s in this movie? I had no idea! (Hah!)


But it really is a cute movie (perhaps 30 minutes too long, but I think that about most movies). Small time pot dealer (Jason Sudeikis’ character) tries to prove he’s not a totally awful person by helping some kids, only to find his stash AND cash get taken. Everything falls apart from there. Why not join him and his not-real family on an adventure to Mexico; it’s got more car chases than anything else you’re doing this week.

In the Theaters: Chicago (at the Ambassador Theater)

NGL, I love this show. I love the music, the dancing, and the dryness with which every line (if produced correctly) is delivered. The corruption, the ladies in jail, Matron “Mama”  Morton, the black costumes and spare set that still manage to exude the enthusiasm and lack-of-caring that pervaded the 1920s. It’s the best rollicking time you could have on Broadway right now, without the overly-sweet Disney-based aftertaste.

Read a Damn Book: Redwall, by Brian Jaques

This is entirely a post of my indulgences. Redwall. I read it back in 4th grade, or maybe 5th. I loved it. I loved everything about it, from the fact that it was populated entirely by animals who all had their own accents, to the food. (I had never had such a burning desire for cordial before I read that book.) Brian Jaques had such a wonderful talent, such a charming way of writing. I’ve read just about every single book to come out of that series, and I’ve loved every last one of them. And you should give them a try and love them, too.


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