Monday: NYC Happenings

It’s that time again: Monday 

Grumbling into the depths of your coffee cup as you strain to make sense of the words people are saying at you when all you can hear is ‘waaaaah waaaaah waaaaaah’. Wishing violent death on the person who invented the idea of a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. work day. Thinking longingly of that delightful alcoholic beverage served in a glass the size of your head, that had to be lit on fire to prepare it properly…
Not that I’m speaking from experience. Ahem.
At the Museums: The Metropolitan Museum of Art
IT’S OPEN ON MONDAY NOW. Apparently as of July 1, though nobody remembered to actually pass on the memo, the museum can now be visited on Monday – both in its 5th Avenue and Cloisters forms. It’s pretty awesome. And since it’s open and soon to be closing is the Punk: Chaos to Couture, you should go visit is. Punk: Chaos to Couture, is exactly what it sounds like – the fashion (anti fashion?) of punk in the 1970s and its continuing influence on fashion and culture today. So go see it and sniff in disdain at the visiting normals. Or something.
In the Movies: Pacific Rim
Or, That Movie With the Robots Fighting. Creatures called Kaiju (which should be Romanized as ‘Kaijuu’ because that long vowel makes the word mean ‘monster’ in Japanese, a fitting generic name for Evil Things – yes, I do speak the language and that shit annoys me) have started to rise from the sea and there’s a war on. Giant robots, called Jaegers, are the weapons that have been created to beat the monsters, but they’re losing. Like all movies in this vein, only a washed-up pilot and a green trainee are humanity’s only hope. Go because the plot doesn’t actually suck and the effects are pretty damn awesome. And remember, they Romanized ‘Kaijuu’ wrong. You’ll sound smart!
Read a Damn Book: The Elizabethans by A. N. Wilson
We do not get enough history, and it seems to me that most people have an eye-rolling attitude about it. Which is stupid. History has too much to offer us to stop seeking out more than the crap they toss at you in school pretending to be fact (ala Christopher Columbus). The Elizabethan age brought you Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, and the first major spy stories – because the first government spy system was set up. There are naval battles and men circumnavigating the globe, all written in a way that doesn’t feel like school. Why wouldn’t you want to learn more?
And if you do learn, you will be one step closer to being the Most Interesting Person in the World.
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