Saturday: View From the Top

We walked together, stepping on eachother’s feet and staying close to the person in front of us. As I could, I stayed in the middle of the group and tried my best to stay out of the crossfire. At least my Hayward boys could protect me in this way.

It had been a week since the girls had joined the cause, and everyday brought a new challenge for us all. Parker had stepped it up considerably with their pranks and dangerous practical jokes. On Monday, one of the Hayward juniors was eating in the dining hall when he found laxatives in his sandwich. The next day, I woke up to the sound of over 1,000 crickets: Parker boys had released them during the night all over the main hall. And the girls weren’t exempt either. Mariah McPherson sat in her usual seat in assembly, only to find that her seat was covered in krazy glue. When she stood up, her entire skirt ripped and stuck to the seat…let’s just say it was a bit cheeky.

But the Parker boys had it just as bad. In a joint operation, I snuck into their dorm with Hannah Humphries and some other boys to get back at Haymish Blake. Hannah found his expensive, au-natural shampoo in the boys bathroom, and without a flinch, she poured half a bottle of Nair into the shampoo itself.

The next morning, Haymish had a piss blonde hue in what remained of his hair.

The girls had also done other little things, their usual tricks when it comes to hormone driven teenaged boys. We had done little things too, such as leading the herd of sheep from the barn into Parker dorm, which allowed things to certainly get a little stinky.

But everything seemed so petty to me. I really wanted to get them good, to do something that said we weren’t about to back down. Something that proved we were always going to one up them. Something to make this whole ordeal go away.

It was just about two weeks before Spring Break. Snow had begun to slow in our Northeastern corridor, and trips to our major mountain resort were in their last moments. Students were amped up for three weeks in their worldwide vacation spots, living a life completely different from the lifestyle we had grown accustomed to. Beaches in Cabo, Costa Rica, and Miami. Tours in France, Spain, and Italy. Parties in Los Angeles, Boston, and New York.

If we wanted to make a statement, it had to be now. I didn’t want my spring semester of senior year to be spent wondering if I would step into a trap at any second.

On a rainy Saturday, I sat down with Hannah, Mariah, and Catherine Elizabeth. We began to plan…

But that only made me think:

Was Haymish planning too?

Always Watching,


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