Monday: NYC Happenings

Happy Monday!!!

Here’s a picture of coffee to make it not so hideous.

How are we all doing? I hope you’ve had a satisfying weekend of poor judgement regarding alcohol and whether or not you really needed that last cheeseburger. (I DID need it, I tell you, and it was glorious!) If you now find yourself adrift in a sea of work and longing for that weekend excitement, no one can blame you. No one can bring it back, either, but there are things that can help you face another week.

On Broadway: Macbeth

Alan Cummings stars as EVERY CHARACTER in Macbeth. No, really, he does. Bringing you Shakespeare’s supposedly-cursed play with a ton of props to help him tell the story, Cumming does some of his best – and most terrifying – acting yet. And it closes Wednesday, so why are you still here? GO SEE IT.

Away From Broadway: Potted Potter

You may remember this little thing called Harry Potter – it was a couple of books and then a movie got made and a lot of kids were going around with wands? Two former BBC TV hosts have taken it upon themselves to write THE WHOLE HARRY POTTER SERIES into just seventy minutes of stage, complete with multiple costume changes and singing. And still with wands.


Read a damn book: The Art Forger, by B. A. Shapiro

You probably passed this one over when it came out, but the story behind it is full of all the things we love in our movies: intrigue, the most infamous art heist of the modern age (I.E the Gardener Museum heist), forgery, the FBI, and conspiracy theories. (Shapiro is very aware that she is writing fiction and taking liberties, allowing her to create more sympathetic and interesting characters, making the story all the better.) And if you can turn that aside, we can never be friends.


You are now three options closer to being the Most Interesting Person in the World.


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