Saturday: View From the Top

It was more than I had ever hoped for.

Even though my shoes were in horse manure and my clothes smelled like sheep, I was overjoyed to be in the barn when the Holy Trinity made a fool out of Haymish Blake.

There Hannah Humphries stood, holding up a wood board as long as the wall behind her. It was covered in many things – some frilly, some large, some scandalous. Squinting in the dark, I finally saw what it was made of: ladies underwear.

I pushed through the laughing crowd to get a closer look at the board. There must have been thirty if not forty pairs of panties hanging on the board itself. Under each different piece was a strip of duct tape with a name. Haymish Blake had, indeed, been keeping score all along.

I let myself chuckle along with the rest, and I swiveled my head to see Haymish’s face. I wanted to see the red in his cheeks, the awkward laughing he would try and play off in order to keep his cool. Instead, I saw nothing.

He was cool and levelheaded. I didn’t see a stich of embarrassment: only anger.

Which, in turn, made me nervous.

“I guess it’s safe to say that many of us, ladies, have been sacrificed to Haymish’s shady ways. Tonight, then, I would like to break the pattern that has plagued us girls.” Catherine Elizabeth turned to speak directly to the girl, “Maya, with your sacrifice, I hope your class never has to deal with a egotistical, perverse, and manipulative player again.”

The girls in the room let out a whoop of cheers. The boys chuckled. I squinted to see Haymish’s face, but it was nowhere in sight. He had enough. No one had ever dogged Haymish like the Holy Trinity had tonight.

I moved through the throngs of sweaty bodies and finally caught up with Catherine Elizabeth. The party was in full swing now, and the music was blaring. I had to yell to get her attention.

“That was a bit much, wasn’t it?”

“No, not for what I had to go through. Aren’t you happy you got the invite? I thought you would be groveling at our feet now,” Catherine Elizabeth said with a twinkle in her eye.

“No one fucks with us, baby!” Mariah McPherson was slurring in my ear, dropping her thermos on my shoe.

Reaching around her, I grasped Catherine Elizabeth by the shoulder.

“Are you in? You’ve started war now, might as well join a side,” I said, hoping to draw her into the rivalry.

If the girls had decided to join in on the Dorm War, there would be no way that Parker would be on top again. That’s only if Hayward could have the girl’s help. Which would mean that the Parker boys would stop messing with me, mostly.

If the girls didn’t join, then I knew Haymish would come straight for me. I didn’t know what he’d try, or if we could outsmart him this time.

I really needed the girls.

Hannah Humphries broke my hold on Catherine, leaning into my other ear.

“You bet your ass we’re in. I’m not letting anything happen to us, nor my girls. We’re just going to have to show him whose boss.”

And with that, I sat down on some hay and swigged my tequila. The music had never been sweeter.

Always Watching,


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