Thursday: International Fashion

It’s time to play matchmaker, ladies!

But not in that awkward setting-your-friends-up kind of way, we all know how that sort of thing turns out. Nope, forget that nonsense. It’s time for an easier type of matchmaking. Time to to play the match making game with your clothes!

Late last year, there was an infectious trend of matching patterned separates, which means anything from blazer and skirt, blouse and capri, crop top and skirt. blazer and shorts, etc, etc, etc. But now it’s a full blown fever!

The real exciting thing about this trend is the combination of bold patterns. Matching separates isn’t a new thing, but when the separates grab your eyes and demand attention, now that’s called making a statement. And in fashion, it’s all about the statement. The only suggestion I have is that if you’re going for the bold patterns, try to stay away from equally patterned jewelry, that way you avoid clashing, but beyond that just have fun and don’t be afraid to add a fun bag to complete the outfit.

Take a gander at these pairings and let us know what you think.

Above (second from the right), you see our Summer cover girl, Ms. Emma Roberts, in a matched cropped blazer and ankle pant by the undeniably classy Nanette Lepore

Ready, set, match!


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