Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers,
As most of you know, last night were the Tony Awards. I’d like to take this time to apologize to some people based on my behavior at the after party:
Cyndi Lauper – I’m sorry I pulled at your hair. I knew it wasn’t a wig. I was just trying to remove it from your head.
To Harvey Fierstein – I apologize for the fat joke. Your humongous girth is nothing to joke over.
And finally, to Tom Hanks – You left your keys on the dresser, babe.
And now for the best cultural offerings this week:
High Culture. Good Television @ Atlantic
In a brilliant take off of exploitive shows like Intervention, Atlantic Theater’s newest hit has a target on reality television. Written by ensemble member Rod McLachlan, the show probes the inner workings of this billion dollar industry as it attempts to document a meth addict’s recovery. It isn’t often that drug addiction and hilarity go hand in hand, but this irreverent gem delivers the goods.
Low Culture. Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction @ Union Hall
And now for something we never knew we needed. Comics of all ranks and styles compete in this outlandish competition at Union Hall, creating volatile erotica we wished we hadn’t heard. If you’ve ever been eager to explore the sexual desires of Jim Henson’s puppets, this show is for you.
Culture Culture. Brie.
It’s the original Camembert. 
Stay cultured my friends,
Twitter: @nymoves
Instagram: @nymovesmagazine

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