Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers,
I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day last week! I’ve heard from various sources that most commoners frequent the beach during the celebration, so I hope your prepackaged ham sandwiches and boxed wine were delicious. I chose this past weekend to escape to the remote island of Vreelovia. It’s an adorable little private getaway, situated right next to Kristen Stewart’s archipelago, and I’ve just finished the second servant’s quarters. 
Now that I’m back in the city, I’m just dying to tell you all about the goings on for this week. Here’s what I have in store:
High Culture: The Giacomo Variations – John Malkovich @ City Center
Nothing excites me more than irreverence, and The Giacomo Variations is full to the brim. Starring the formidable John Malkovich as an aging Casanova, this sexy bit of theater samples classical music from all over the map and crams it into one cohesive story. Classical music buffs will die when they see what’s become of their favorite arias, but I give it a standing ovation. 
Low Culture: Harvard Sailing Team at The Pit
It’s a damned shame Harvard Sailing Team hasn’t been picked up for a network sitcom. This versatile group of comedians turns the everyday and mundane on its head, probing our culture from a cockeyed angle not seen in contemporary comedy. But don’t worry about being intellectually challenged: You’ll bust your gut laughing before your brain starts to work.
Culture Culture: Leather
Cows make cheese. They also make handbags. Learn something from this.
Stay cultured my friends,
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Instagram: @nymovesmagazine

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