Saturday: View From the Top

It was really early,  and I was running late for morning assembly. Grabbing my backpack and quickly throwing my duvet over the bed, I reached for the door.

I let out a screech as the door swung open. A sweeping cold sensation enveloped my feet, and I heard a sloshing throughout my room. Of course, another prank.

They had set up a trash can full of water against my door. As soon as I opened the door, the water poured in and completely soaked my floor. I quickly changed my shoes, and thankfully, my rug had soaked up much of the water.

But I couldn’t say the same for the others in the dorm. I heard doors opening, water pouring in, and people cursing. I heard the shortages of outlets and the sound of people stepping in puddles. I wasn’t surprised, really, they had been doing this all week. But now they upped the ante, so to speak: They got the entire first floor, not just a couple of people.

Since I narrowly avoided the pee dump last week, Parker had gone on a spree. Hayward Dorm was truly under attack. In the course of seven days, the entire dorm had been pranked. Yet, it was doubly worse for me. I knew Anderson Taylor personally added a little touch to each of the pranks to screw me over. On Monday, they put chewing gum in each of our keyholes. But, especially for me, Anderson had used hot glue instead of gum, meaning I couldn’t lock my door.

Later in assembly, the Headmaster asked all the Parker boys to stay afterwards. Now that I knew that the administration was getting involved, the stakes were much higher. Still, the Hayward boys didn’t react as I wish they would have. Doesn’t anyone want revenge anymore?

I sat in class, wondering how I could get the boys to counter the effects of Ryan Koehler’s dangerous fall almost three weeks ago. I couldn’t just go around yelling for the boys to get riled up. Revenge had to be planted carefully and strategically.

I got my opening, however, when something unexpected happened. In the middle of AP United States History, a classmate and the prefect on the first floor of Hayward, Ian Davis, motioned for me to get out of class.

“I know Anderson is the one whose doing all this,” he said in a rushed whisper, “and I know, obviously, the girls made Ryan fall off that wall.” I listened, but my mind was immediately racing … how much did he really know? Should I even trust him? It was well-known that Ian Davis had no friends in the boys dorm and really only had influence with the girls.

But I really didn’t have a choice, did I?

“I have something you might be interested in,” Ian said with a smirk. “And, if you meet me outside of Hayward at midnight tonight, I’ll get it for you.”

Before I knew it, I was outside of the dorm, keeping a look out for any trouble. I watched Ian climb through a window into Parker, into a sophomore’s room who was probably afraid of him. I waited for baited breath. Ian never got involved in the boys’ feud, so I knew he had something good for me.

When he came back out, 20 agonizing minutes later, he was holding a cellphone. And when he handed it to me, I gave him a quizzical look. “Turn it on,” he said, waiting for me to react. I did as he said.

My mouth dropped.

Always Watching,


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