Thursday: International Fashion

The thrills and frills of summer are right around the corner, my friends.

And with those thrills and frills, comes lace shorts that you can dress up for a night out in the city or dress down for a day at the beach.

Whether they’re high-waisted or low-waisted, lace shorts in any color are a rising Sumer 2013 trend. We saw them a lot over the winter with tights, but it’s time to led the legs out, ladies.


A lovely pair of flats as pictured above work great with lace shorts, especially for a stroll around Central Park or just to run a few errands. But pair the lace shorts with a sexy pair of pumps or booties, and you’ll be ready for a night on the town.

Confused about what to wear with the lacy bottoms? Shoot for a light leather jacket or trench on top to add a bit of edge instead of keeping the vintage persona. And don’t be afraid to pair lace on lace. A light lace tank up top will work. Don’t stray from patterns as well. Just because the lace is its own pattern doesn’t mean you have to stay solid with shirts. Try a polka dot print or a flowey floral if you wanna go really crazy.

Check out Jamie Chung, who Moves profiled a few years back, in black lace shorts, booties and a psychedelic printed shirt below for a night on the town:


And check out actress Rachel Bilson who paired her black lace shorts with a polka-dot top: Image

Until next week,


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