Friday: Entertainment News

Happy Friday, Movers!

Hope you had a good week. Hard to believe we’re halfway through May. In two weeks time, it’ll be just about time to break out the bathing suits (if you haven’t already in an effort to catch some rays on your rooftop).

 Perhaps the biggest news that broke this week in the entertainment world is Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. Angie decided to go through with the procedure to prevent her high risk of breast cancer. For those who aren’t familiar with the procedure, a mastectomy is the surgical removal of one or both breasts.

The world has lauded Angie for the operation as it’s a very courageous decision for a woman to make. Her husband Brad Pitt has spoken on her behalf as well, heralding her bravery and optimism. In an op-ed column she wrote for the New York Times on Tuesday, Angie mentioned how she hoped her actions would empower women and benefit women in hopes of fighting the endless battle against breast cancer.

It’s a great thing what Angie did. Her bravery is certainly an inspiration. My only qualm is the operation is very expensive as well as the cost of getting implants afterward. Angie has the money to go through with this – many women do not. What’s your take? Would you go through with the operation? What would you say to the women who are in fear and at high risk of breast cancer but can’t afford the surgery?

In other news, Moves‘ Spring issue cover boy, Josh Duhamel, can finally join you in your home. His Nicholas Sparks film, “Safe Haven” came out on DVD this week so go get em’ while there hot. Mr. Duhamel is not only a sight for sore eyes in the film, but he plays a brooding, single dad who falls in love with the new girl in town quite well. Check out Josh at his Moves Spring cover party below:


There was also some hullabaloo this week surrounding Disney’s decision to re-create the main character in the Pixar film, “Brave.” Merida, the unmistakeable red-headed heroin in the story, was given a makeover for her Disney princess coronation and many were calling the new look a bit too sexy. The new Merida looked thinner, had some eye make-up and most noticeably, a lower cut neckline and fuller bust.


Disney pulled the new Merida from its website and replaced it with the original version in response to the backlash.

That’s all for now. Enjoy the weekend!


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