Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers,

My, what a week it’s been! If you’re anything like me you’ve been gazing at the stars – and I don’t mean those hacks at the Met gala. Yes, this week’s solar eclipse was a sight to be seen, and what with the death of my soul in the late ’80’s, I’ve developed the uncanny ability to stare directly into the sun. Now if only my maids could look upon me without their retinas exploding I could make some headway on my foyer renovation.

No bother. If you want some cultural events that are certain to please your eyes and your ears, look no further than these salacious offerings.

High Culture: Frieze New York 2013 @ Randall’s Island Park

This well regarded London art fair is back for yet another year of cultural mayhem. Taking up residence on Randall’s Island, this mega event boasts over 180 tented galleries of new and cutting edge art, certain to please even the most finicky of palettes. 


Low Culture: American Masters – Mel Brooks: Make a Noise screening @ 92nd Street Y

Led by comedian Joy Behar, this long awaited PBS documentary is making its debut on the Upper East Side. Featuring a talkback with choreographer Susan Stroman and Brooks himself (via Skype), lucky audience members get a few days head start to savor all of Brooks’ comedic genius.


Culture Culture: Cottage cheese.

It’s the new Greek yogurt.

Stay cultured my friends,


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