Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers!
The sun is shining brighter and the days are looking grander. After last week’s Gwyneth Paltrow fiasco, I thought we’d never see a clear blue sky again! Luckily, the Tony nominations are out, and my hobnobbing with the Tony voters has proved more than futile. And edict has been announced, and those four little twits currently sharing the role of Matilda on Broadway are not eligible for Tony’s! That’s one point for vintage, sophisticated, socialites and zero points for young, precocious, talented kids. I think I shall open some champagne!
In the mean time, get yourself out in the world and explore! There’s plenty to do this week; here’s just some of what’s in store:
High Culture: Pippin on Broadway.
Yes, someone dared to bring this regional theater warhorse back to Broadway. But be rest assured, this is not your jazz handed, Iowa summer stock production. Premiering at the A.R.T. in Boston, this version is helmed by the visionary director, Diana Arbus, who recently rejuvenated Hair in both Central Park and the Great White Way. Combining acrobatics, circus elements, and bold theatricality, the voice and presence of the Leading Player alone, portrayed by Patina Miller, will blow your hair back.
Low Culture: Susanne Bartsch’s Catwalk @ Marquee
Let’s see what the kiddies are up to, shall we? Harkening back to the Club Kids of the early 1990s and the freaks of Studio 54, these patented weirdos certainly put on a show. Drag queens, burlesque dancers, transgendered toads, whatever you’re looking for (or, frankly, terrified of) you’ll find it here. Make sure to reserve a VIP seat on the balcony with bottleservice so you can sit on your throne in judgment – otherwise you’ll be downstairs hobnobbing with the “talent.”
Culture Culture: Milk.
Osteoporosis is so out this season.
Stay cultured my friends,
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Instagram: @nymovesmagazine

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