Saturday: View From the Top

I crouched down low, holding my breath as he passed. Even in the pitch black hallway, I could see Mr. Jensen’s outlandish figure thumping towards the exit door. In my stupidity, I had forgotten that the emergency exit door makes a huge slamming noise when it closes, and I ducked for cover behind a trash can, which also almost spilled everywhere. I wasn’t exactly stealthy.

See, I was sneaking into Parker to get starter on my master plan. In last week’s Chores assignment, I thought about the gloating faces of the upper class who had orchestrated the chaos. Almost everyone who participated in the midnight revelries received detention and some even were placed on probation. I didn’t think it was fair that all the upperclassmen sat back and laughed as the young ones felt the pinch. Shouldn’t they have a taste of their own medicine?

When Mr. Jensen looked satisfied enough, he meandered his way back into his apartment. Feeling that the coast was clear, I shuffled across the hall into the darkness. I could hear the hum of the soda machine in the dark and I worked my way toward the noise. I fumbled in the dark for the receptacle, and once I found it, I put the recorder inside and pressed record.

On the other side of the wall, I posted the challenge in an envelop. Satisfied with my work, I worked my way out of the dorm slowly. Just on schedule, Eloise Sinclair texted the upperclassmen in Parker. I watched from the window as they found the challenge posted to the wall.

It was pretty simple, actually. In meeting with the girls, I decided that it was time that Oliver dorm should get in on the action. We decided to lure the boys into their impending doom: just the upperclassmen, of course.

The challenge was this: grab as many of the girl’s clothing before the clock struck midnight. Bras and panties were worth double the points, and both Parker and Hayward would be competing. There was a twist to this Chore, however: only the upperclassmen could compete in this challenge. Specifically, Anderson Taylor and Ryan Koehler, since they were always in charge of assigning the chores for the boys.

I’m sure the boys were on my tail as I made my way over to the far balcony of Oliver to watch the fun. The front door was locked and always had an alarm ready to alert the nightwatchman should the boys try anything. There was only one way for the guys to get into Oliver: the rear windows of the Oliver art gallery. But the gallery was on the second floor.

Soon, Eloise herself was standing beside me with her fancy zoom camera that her Daddy bought her for Christmas. I didn’t really like her that much, but I really needed that camera. We chuckled silently as the small group of boys approached the wall of Oliver dorm. They had to climb up the large rain gutter to get the windows. I heard the grunts of the boys as they shimmied their way up, intermixed with the sound of the camera’s shutter clicking. And here came the moment of surprise. 

The girls, of course, knew the boys were coming. And they were going to be put out by the six gallons of water they were going to dump on them. Not only this, but they set an alarm on the window, and the faculty would be all over them in a few seconds.

I might have overlooked something, however. How would the boys react? 

I watched as Ryan Koehler opened the window. The girls screamed a horrific battle cry and I saw the water fly out.

I also watched as Ryan Koehler’s fingers slipped off the piping, 25 feet above the ground.

Always Watching,


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