Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers,

As most of you know, I am now in mourning. My arch nemesis, Gwyneth Paltrow, has been named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman and I fear for the plight of our species. It’s not that her reptilian skin or skeletal frame are disarming – on the contrary, they are something to aspire to. Still, I wish People would honor someone with a less volatile reputation, like Pol Pot or the person responsible for Sketchers Shape Ups. Still, we must try and solider on, and what better way to do that than to get ourselves cultured? Here is your juicy serving for the week.
High Culture: La Perichole – New York City Opera @ City Center
No often do opera singers give seasoned actors a run for their money, but the nuance and fun to be had in New York City Opera’s latest offering is a sight for sore eyes. Set in the colorful world of urban Peru, the singers flit and trill their ways over Offenbach’s melodious composition with deft ability. There’s no pushing or straining, no over-acting usually present in opera – it’s just a relaxing ride by one of the city’s most treasured institutions.
Low Culture: IDEAS CITY @ New Museum
This weekend of cultural happenings take the enigmatic Bowery museum to the streets, offering up an array of food carts, lectures, and street fares. Featuring a keynote address by Joi Ito, one of the world’s most established tech tycoons and activists, IDEAS CITY is certain to push the digital and cultural boundaries.
Culture Culture: None.
I’m on a juice cleanse.
Stay cultured my friends,
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Instagram: NYMovesMagazine

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