Friday: Entertainment News

I think if Robert Redford – yeah I’m talking about the Sundance Kid – had to do it all over again, he’d be a journalist instead of an Academy Award winner actor/director/screenwriter/producer. Case and point No. 1: He produced and starred in 1976’s “All the President’s Men,” where he played Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, one of the two key journalists who cracked the Watergate Scandal. Case and Point No. 2.: He’s producing a Discovery Channel documentary revisiting “All the President’s Men” along with The Washington Post reporters who covered the scandal and case and point No. 3: He plays opposite an overly curious journalist who chases an activist in the upcoming flick, “The Company you Keep,” a film he both produced and directed. Do you see a pattern here? It seems like Redford is making a point about media and politics. What do you think that point is?

The film boasts quite the roster – Susan Sarandon and Anna Kendrick – both ladies who have graced Moves’ cover and inside pages and the robustly talented Brendan Gleeson, who Moves profiled a few years back. “The Company You Keep” premiered to rave reviews this week. Looks like the Sundance Kid did it again. What do you think when actors try to direct and produce. Do they all pull it off, or only a select few like Redford?


NBC’s latest prime time drama, “Hannibal” premiered to decent ratings a few weeks ago and has been going strong. The show stars Moves cover boy Hugh Dancy as a detective trying to bring down the infamous flesh-eating serial killer. If it’s anywhere near as spooky and suspenseful as “The Following,” I’m in.


Last but certainly not least, Moves had its Spring 2013 cover party last week. The soiree was hosted by its 2013 Spring issue cover girl, Ms. Olga Kurylenko. Check out Olga’s cover if you haven’t already seen it and be sure to check her out on the red carpet below. Olga stars opposite Tom Cruise in “Oblivion,” which premiered last weekend and has been owning the box office. She’s also plays the lead in “To the Wonder” with Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams and she’s stars in “Erased,” opposite Aaron Eckhart. The poor woman’s been so busy, she hasn’t had a chance to breath. Luckily, she was able to relax and have a drink at her Moves Cover party, held at Geox shoe store on Madison Ave. Oh, what a night!


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