Thursday: International Fashion

Fringe is making a comeback, Movers, and even those of us who are not flower children of the 1960s should embrace it. 

Whether it’s a vest or shirt with fringe hanging off the bottom or a leather sling purse fringed out all around, the causal, free-spirited look is everywhere. We especially saw it last week at the star-studded Coachella music festival in the California desert.

It’s the one weekend out of the year where trends are set instantly. Many of the attendees, like Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio and actress Vanessa Hudgens, doned fringed somewhere amidst their ensembles while listening to bands jam out in the desert.

Check out supermodel Alessandra in her Coachella fringe:


Bathing suite tops with fringe are also becoming quite popular. Some even put a sweater over top and wear it with a pair of jean shorts to flaunt a sexy, casual off-the-beach look. 


With the summer heat upon us, it’s important to make sure the fringe doesn’t come off too heavy and hot. Try pairing a lacy fringed vest with a flowy shirt and short shorts. Or simply add a leather fringed out clutch to a sundress and sandals. It’s subtle but makes a statement: Yes we live in the 2000s, but the soothing spirit (and music) of the ’60s is still very much alive. 


Just like we saw winter boots with fringe, we’re seeing sandals with the same additive. Both leather and suede sandals are great canvases for fringe and add a bit of pizazz to a boring old gladiator sandal.


If you’re going to do the fringe sandals, I’d suggest to not where too much fringe up top. Balance it out and don’t go overboard.

Ciao for now, Movers,


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