Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers,
I hope you all had an absolutely lovely tax day! If you’re anything like me, you embezzle all your assets into various Swiss bank accounts which are then invested into oversees Shanghai dog fighting rings so you don’t have to pay the US government. And if you’re not anything like me, well, I’m just so sorry for you. Still, if Uncle Sam hasn’t left you high and dry you should take it upon yourself to go out on the town! Treat yourself to some culture! See some art! Make a splash! Here’s your go-to guide for the week.
High Culture: Tribeca Film Festival
One of the most celebrated weeks in cinema is finally upon us. The Tribeca Film Festival continues through April 28th, showing some of the newest and most cutting edge cinema from around the globe. One of its headliners, Before Midnight, is the most talked about film in years, giving us a follow up to Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy’s now cult classics, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.
Low Culture: Kinky Boots on Broadway
Drag queens. Cyndi Lauper songs. Sequined red heeled boots. No, this is not high art. Yes, this is wonderful. If you’re in the mood to pay exorbitant prices for tickets to a show that is purely camp, than this is the show for you. You’re life will not be changed under any circumstance, but damn if you won’t be entertained for two hours.
Culture culture: Goat’s milk.
Save a cow. Eat a goat.
Stay cultured my friends,
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