Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello, New Yorker Movers,

Sorry for the delay. What a dismal, dreary week. Apart from the ghastly weather, I’ve spent the last week holed up in my apartment recovering from a rather debilitating chemical peel. You may say I brought this upon myself, but it’s not my fault that my skin has the sensitive texture and quality of a fine Italian leather. One would assume that a trained aesthetician would know better than to mix harsh chemicals and fine Italian goods, but one would be assuming too much. I  suppose that what I get for using a “licensed” physician – next time I’ll just call Gwyneth’s people.

This means, gentle minions, that you have to live your lives for me. Go out, experience culture. Here are your assignments:

High Culture: Here Lies Love @ The Public Theater

Written as a collaboration between David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, Here Lies Love tells the story of the rise and fall of Filipina First Lady Imelda Marcos. Known most famously for having a 3,000+ shoe collection and embezzling fortunes from her own people, the show exists in an immersive dance space, combining disco, video projections and innovative choreography. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes (if you’re the type that owns comfortable shoes) because you’ll be on your feet all night.

In previews now.


Low Culture: Death By Roo Roo: Your F’ed Up Family @ Upright Citizens Brigade

Watching improv can be incredibly painful. If not for the overwhelming levels of enthusiasm, the dead pauses and failed jokes are increasingly uncomfortable. If you want to ensure yourself a night of pure comedy – hold the awkwardness – then Death by Roo Roo is your best bet. This improv troupe has the formula down pat and runs smooth as ice. Grab a drink, grab a friend, and laugh your ass off at your family’s expense.

Sat April 20th.


Culture Culture: Cheez Whiz.

Screw you, I’m incapacitated. I’ll eat whatever the hell I want.

Stay cultured my friends,



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