Thursday: International Fashion

The weather is relentless – fierce and cold. It bites at your heels and always makes you feel hungry. Sometimes you ask yourself, where is the warmth for my legs? Why won’t this wind quit mussing my locks? Why are my cheeks so numb? Oh, but wait my arms are warm…but how is this possible?

Oh, I know how, an awesome leather jacket. That’s right I’m preaching it, leather jackets are pretty much the coolest (and apparently warmest) thing right now. Also, doesn’t even matter that it’s not real leather, in fact it’s better that way. One, your conscious is totally clear and, two, it means more color options. Black is not the only leather: there is blue, red, white, pink, and all the colors of the rainbow and beyond. Point is that you can wear leather and it doesn’t have to be boring.

You also don’t have to be a big biker guy whose philosophy in life is to “ride his hog and live free.” If that is you then great! Cause you can still wear your leather jacket and do that.

Personally, I would style a light peach leather jacket with a white T-shirt, light blue denim skinny jeans, and simple black boots. It’s all in the simplicity. If you dare to go bold you should totally go for classic black and perhaps even studded. Spiky dispositions never really hurt, right?

So do it, you know you’ve been wanting one ever since you saw “Grease” when you were 5 years old. Raise your hand if you wanted to desperately be a Pink Lady? 

See you next week,


Check out Moves’ Fall 2012 cover girl, Anna Kendrick, rocking a leather jacket with a bright and airy Spring dress:



Here’s Moves’ 2011 Power issue cover girl, Ms. Robin Wright, looking flawless in a leather jacket:



And last but certainly not least, another one of our past cover girls, Mary Lousie Parker, in faded vintage leather over a lovely summery dress:
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Instagram: NYMovesMagazine





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