Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers, 

What a lovely week we’ve been having, wouldn’t you agree? Why, if not for the noise, the pollution, and the hoards of middle income peasants, I’d believe I was in the French Riviera sipping away on a quentonic and lime (quentonic, of course, is the ultra luxury liquor made from the distillation of mastodon fossils). I hope all of you are outside enjoying the “fresh” air and have been able to shed your polyester blend coats for a more fashionable Kohl’s sweater set. And don’t I have prizes for you!! Yes! There is a brilliant offering of new cultural attractions and I’m simply dying to share it with the plebeians!! Behold: 

High Culture: Daida Moriyama @ Steven Kasher Gallery 

One of the most distinguished artists in modern Japanese history, Daida Moriyama finds the beauty and exquisiteness in life’s imperfections. Featuring a wide array of his black and white prints as well as his ambitious color panoramic, the exhibit covers a range of history from post-World War II to the present. Steven Kasher curates the work brilliantly, highlighting important pieces that show an expansive breadth of work without losing focus.


Low Culture: Smorgasbord @ DUMBO 

Tents. Outdoor eating. The public. These three things make my head explode. Still, Smorgasbord is the fastest and most efficient (dare I say fun?) way to see what’s going in in the culinary world. If you can put up with lots of homegrown, antibiotic-free nonsense, the gastronomic offerings are well worth dealing with the elements. Because if you don’t know the difference between a Beaujolais and a Burgundy, then you are not a person. 


Culture Culture: Milk. 

Milk will be a big trend Summer 2013. 

Stay cultured, my friends. 


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