Monday: NYC Happenings

Hello New York Movers,

Boy was this week exhausting. What with the Easter holiday and the
decidedly frail state of my current body weight, I fret that I’ll never
have the energy to wear a hat again! The point is, I hope everyone had a
lovely Easter and we remembered this day for what it’s truly meant to be:
a time to display all of your fashionable pastels. If you aren’t too
exhausting from endless mimosas I hope you’ll have the time to see some of
these lovely cultural offerings. And if you don’t, I hope you are ashamed.
One must make a better display of oneself.

High Culture: Belleville @ New York Theater Workshop

The home of burgeoning new works, from Rent to Once, New York Theater
Workshop offers yet another hit. Belleville is Amy Herzog’s tale of
marital disintegration, focusing on a well-off American couple living in a
fashionable Parisian neighborhood. Sly and foreboding, the play is a
juicy, satisfying turn without being over the top.

Low Culture: Nick Offerman: American Ham at Town Hall Sat 2nd

If you can manage to score tickets to the Parks and Recreation star’s one
man show, for the love of God, do it. Nick Offerman, who plays the
hilarious Ron Swanson on the hit TV show, debuts a comedy show aimed to
educate “the young people of our nation.” If Nick Offerman proves to be
anywhere as insightful as his onscreen persona, this is a must-see night
of comedy gold.


Culture Culture: Red Mango

Try Red Mango’s chocolate chili flavor. If you’re not too much of a pansy.

Stay cultured, my friends.


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