Saturday: View From the Top

Alright – how can I avoid it anymore? I’m sure this topic has been popping up in your head since I began to tell my story: parties.

Boarding school maintains an interesting image to mainstream society. I mean, who can really fathom what it’s like to move away from the nuisances that are parents and into a setting where you are completely on your own. You must imagine it as packing your room up at home, kissing your over emotional mother and moving into the Hilton. Right?

Unfortunately, as you’ve been reading, that isn’t the case.

When it comes to partying at the Academy, our options are limited. There is a vast network of rules and suspicious faculty that rule the campus at all times. Boarding students aren’t allowed in day students’ cars and day students aren’t allowed in our rooms. At 7:30 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends we are all rushed into our rooms and the campus becomes a ghost town. It’s a little hard to have a little fun when our time is always blocked out for us, as you see.

But we’re smart kids. Even those who don’t pass their classes know how to have a good time in our own little version of prison – designed by Martha Stewart, of course.

Drugs and alcohol have become our own version of the gold rush at the Academy. If someone is able to get their hands on something, that student becomes our personal millionaire. These kids flaunt their power, and before you know it, he has a following.

It all accumulates on the weekends. Students get together and pick the most secure spots on campus, which are also extremely sketchy. I’ve actually been invited to a party in a basement’s broom closet once. Like, who wants to get down in a closet? The haunt spots are always the same, however. In the boy’s locker room in our Field House. The skatepark in Downtown. The walking path by the river. The woods by Route 22. The Pottery Room in the Art Barn. It’s always the same spots.

Of course, sometimes a student is stupid enough to invite everyone over to a condo in the nearby ski resort. But, wherever it is, the parties are always the same: cheap vodka in school designed thermoses, dubstep blaring from a high tech speaker, and the same girls hurling their guts in a corner. We all sit around and pretend to be sophisticated and act like we’re extremely drunk when in fact we hold our liquor pretty well. We don’t like to acknowledge the sad reality: we’ve all had enough of eachother’s bullshit.

But don’t get me wrong – there are many exceptions. Sometimes, a party goes down in the books and becomes a staple of our culture. Some stories are never forgotten.

So, I’ll tell you about them. Since I’ve been here, there have been about a dozen parties that have gone terribly wrong – in a right sort of way.

Maybe you’ll understand where we went wrong…and hopefully don’t make the same mistake yourself.

Always watching,

Twitter: @nymoves
Instagram: @nymovesmagazine


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