Friday: Entertainment News

Spring is in the air, Movers. Spring is in the air. Hallelujah!

And with Spring comes a slew of new movies that we’ve been waiting for all winter, two of which premiered this past week in New York City and both of which star some of my favorite Moves’ cover ladies.

The first is Stephanie Meyers’ newest novel-to-big-screen project, “The Host.” The author of The Twilight Saga penned this novel about an alien race taking over mankind after her Twilight fame and it’s been adapted to the big screen – no vampires, but there’s still a dangerous species with weird neon eyes that threatens life as we know it. The film stars Diane Kruger who was on the cover of New York Moves back in … wait for it … Spring 2006. Kruger has played the leading lady in a least a half-dozen films since then and is dating Joshua Jackson a.k.a. Pacey, America’s favorite best friend to the boy next door (yes, that was a “Dawson’s Creek” reference).

The other film that premiered in NYC this week is “The Place Beyond the Pines,” an action-drama starring Eva Mendes, Rose Byrne, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. Both Ms. Mendes and Ms. Byrne were cover ladies on Moves before they catapulted to stardom.

Who do you think is the most talented actress out of the three? Do you think we’ll see one of them on the Oscar stage in the future?




In other news, word on the street is Martin Scorsese is turning his 2002 Oscar-nominated crime-drama, “Gangs of New York” into a T.V. series that could potentially star Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz AND Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis. I certainly would not mind watching that pack of talent on screen every week. No news of a network picking up the show yet, but for some reason I see it as an HBO or Showtime series, similar to a “Boardwalk Empire” or “The Tudors.” What do you think? Should we expect this be a hit or a miss? Do you enjoy when movies are adapted into a T.V. series?

Now, for all the Late Night fans out there, we’ve got to touch on all of the gossip about youngin’ Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno on NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” Fallon’s current “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” is on at 12:30 a.m. which means he’d move to the coveted 11:30 p.m. spot and take long-time host Jay Leno’s gig when his contract is up on 2014. Fallon got his start as the goofy boy-next-door on “Saturday Night Live” and has held his own since 2009 as host of “Late Night.” He’s a talented, hilarious dude who I think deserves the 11:30 slot. He’s a great interviewer – very casual and friendly – and is extremely entertaining with his bits on the show – whether he’s impersonating rock legend Neil Young singing a Miley Cyrus song or playing mini golf around 30 Rock with. Do you think Fallon deserves Leno’s spot? Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

That’s it for now, Movers. Enjoy your Friday!


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