Thursday: International Fashion


Think Chanel No.5. Think Audrey Hepburn’s outfit at the start of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Think classic still but bold and new, and there you have the black-and-white palette that’s sweeping over the streets. People are fishing into their closets and wardrobes pairing white jeans with black leather jackets and black ankle boots with sleeveless white dresses. It’s madness but in the most chic and cool sort of way.

The whole idea behind the black-and-white trend for spring appears to be the fact that you can take items you already have and contrast them to work together, and in this case it’s the colors black and white. How does that saying go again? Opposites attract? Well, rest assured that it is true as far as this trend, and for the most part everyone seems to be on board.

While, yes, Spring is rounding the corner and pastel colors are the expected season wear, this trend is new and exciting. It’s a change from the expected. We should embrace the new, after all that’s basically what Spring is all about–bring in the new!

The possibilities are pretty much endless, which is great because the trend then tailors to your personality so you have no work to do, but style it however way you please. If you’re worried there is only so much to do with this style, you’re pretty much wrong – Don’t be boxed in by the simplicity. In fact, embrace it and try to find different items that are different textures, like leather or brocade.

So, make yourself one of the classics already, what are you waiting for?


Check out two Moves covergirls – Jessica Chastain and Mila Jovovich – rocking the black and white. Head over to our website to see their covers: 



And keeping on with the Moves covergirl trend, here’s our Spring 2008 covergirl, Mila Kunis, strutting her black and white at the airport. Like NY Moves on Facebook to see more pics:



And here’s youngin’ Selena Gomez walking the sunny streets in her black and white – she still looks as bright as ever.



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