Tuesday: Health and Fitness

You might be wondering, what does Ley, the New York Moves fitness guru, think about people who post half naked, sweating, ab-tastic photos of themselves working out endlessly on Facebook? Maybe you weren’t wondering, but this is a blog, and I’m going to tell you anyway. That’s what bloggers do.

Let’s face it, Facebook is annoying, no matter what. It raises your blood pressure, it wastes your time, it makes you think everyone is having a better time than you. It makes you insecure, it makes you angry. None of us should have Facebook; it’s an inane waste of time and totally not worth everyone’s excuse that it’s “a great way to stay in touch with people who don’t live closeby.” 

But, none of us are getting rid of Facebook. We’re as attached to it as we are to our smart phones (also a terrible blight on society, but I’m digressing). So, let’s get back to the topic: annoying pictures of your friend’s “crazy” workouts, full of grunting, sweating, vomiting, and muscle building. It’s like they work out every day, and every day they add a new bicep or sexy quadricep. Must they announce every time they go to the gym? Must they force their daily workouts upon the rest of us? Must we look upon the pictorial evidence of their struggles?

No, we mustn’t. Facebook doesn’t force you to look at pictures of people working out, just like it doesn’t force me too look at the endless, endless images of people’s new babies, or baby bellies. Nope, I’m not being held at gunpoint to look at every second of your newborn’s intensely boring life capture digitally. I can look away, and this I do, almost every day, with a sigh of scorn and a shake of my head. But it’s a free cyber world, and you can communicate whatever inane, interesting-only-to-you drivel that you please on your Facebook page.

On the bright side, if constant updates of someone’s marathon training or P90x inspires even one lazy Facebook-Zombie to go to the gym, it’s done something positive. On the downside, we’re all wasting our lives trying to impress people online–people we don’t actually want to be friends with in the real world. Facebook is f*cked, my friends, and oversharing of shirtless workout pics is just a drop in the bucket.

And speaking of Facebook, be sure to “Like” New York Moves on Facebook if you haven’t already: (https://www.facebook.com/NYMoves). 

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