Friday: Entertainment News

Holy hot pants, what a weeks it’s been. 

Between the great yoga pant recall of 2013 and the release of Justin Timberlake’s highly anticipated album (as in we’ve been waiting six years – it’s about damn time, JT), this week has been one heck of a roller coaster.

First though before anything else, excitement has reached maximum levels today because our dearly beloved Moves Spring issue coverboy, Mr. Josh Duhamel, is hosting the Kids Choice Awards tomorrow night on Nickelodeon. Given that the handsome actor recently announced he’s going to be a father in nine months, the world is patiently awaiting how Duhamel carries himself Saturday night. Come back to the blog and let us know how you think he did! 

Check out Josh’s cover story in our latest Spring issue, out on newsstands now! Read the story here if you can’t get a copy:



To further prove his perfection, watch the video of Josh’s shoot with Moves here:     

Now, whether or not you’re a yoga enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about popular fitness brand Lululemon’s yoga pant disaster in which they sold see-through stretch workout pants to the public. The company took all of its yoga pants off the racks earlier this week. This whole ordeal may seem stupid until you realize the pants cost $98. That’s a lot of dough for a piece of cloth that doesn’t do its job. And when one woman went to return hers, she wrote on the retailer’s Facebook wall that the sales associate made her bend over to prove that the pants were actually sheer. Seriously? Warranted or unwarranted question by the sales associate? 

In other news, Justin TImberlake’s latest solo record, “The 20/20 Experience” released this week and has been selling like hotcakes (pardon the reference, don’t even know if people buy hotcakes anymore). It’s projected to sell more than $750,000 copies by Sunday. If it reaches this peak, it’ll be the first male album to do so since 2010 when Lil Wayne’s “The Carter IV” reached 964,000 sold in one week, according to Billboard. The record is very smooth – Justin uses a wondrous back band filled with brass, percussion and strings, which definitely adds new flavor to his sound. It’s not his usual pop self – he’s gone back to his Tennessee roots a bit in melding with a band instead of just relying on vocals. 

Check out his performance of “Strawberry Bubblegum” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to get a feel for JT’s new sound:

It’s good to see an entire album sell so well. These days, because of iTunes and illegal downloading, listeners can just have access to whatever tracks they want in whatever order they want. We’ve got to remember to play the entire record from start to finish before we pick our favorites. We’re forgetting that music can sometimes tell a story – albums are the books, tracks are the chapters. Do you agree? Do you sometimes wish we could revert back to the days where we yearn for an album release date and skip a heart beat the minute we can all crowd around a stereo and listen to the masterpiece?

For more music selections and reviews, check out Moves’ Rewind section in its latest Spring issue at your nearest newsstand. 

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