Thursday: International Fashion

Roses are red, violets are blue, and Floral Prints are in my closet!

Okay, so that doesn’t rhyme, but something that is finding rhythm in the fashion world are “Floral Prints.”

Floral print dresses, floral print jeans, floral print blazers, floral print book bags, how many times have I said floral print now? Too many, but don’t get me wrong I dig it.

Especially the dresses and jeans. I mean, no one would have thought that could work, after all it’s florals. Either you’ll end up looking like your gammy at one of her infamous tea parties, or like you just came from a Luau themed wedding. But I believe the real reason floral prints are working is that they’re now usually paired with pastel colors. The softness of the pastel and bold of the floral combine to create the epitome of femininity and then it’s up to you to make it your own. 

Style on a pair of soft white vintage floral skinny jeans with black doc Martins and a simple white-tee and you’re pretty much set to roam the streets of any New York, LA, Paris, or Tokyo. Or if you’re tragic romantic simply style yourself in short floral print dress and you’re set! If you prefer only a small bit of floral consider a floral cardigan or shoe flats. The floral has invaded pretty much every item of clothing you can think of, so you have your pick.

Even Moves’ cover girl, Jessica Chastain is a fan of the florals. Check her our below and visit to see more of ladies we’ve featured in the magazine rocking floral prints. Be sure to Like us on Facebook as well (

Jessica Chastain in Floral Dress at the Academy Awards Luncheon 2013:


Miranda Kerr in Paige Floral Denim:


Adele in Floral Print dress Grammys: 



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